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Costs and purchase process

tasse in FloridaAs regards the necessary costs, to acquire a property, it is noted that in the US for these operations the assistance of a lawyer is required.



As an example, the remuneration of the Advocate, the assurance of the purchase title, property transfer taxes, property taxes and fees, if any on the entry of a mortgage, It amounts approximately to a percentage of the 5 % on the purchase price bought.



Once you have found a property that interests the buyer pays a deposit, then it makes a formal offer (purchase contract).

Once signed the commitment becomes binding and is shed 10% to an account held by “Closing Agent” a lawyer who plays roughly the functions of a notary in Italy.

An insurance company controls the public registers and insures property against any possible claims by third parties.

After the procedure, the contract is concluded and the balance always occurs on account of the trust.

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